The Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders Bundled Program presented by Facilitated Solutions includes six courses: 4 PREVENT and 2 MANAGE courses.


  1. Fundamentals of Conflict Positive Leadership
  2. Building a Resilient Team
  3. Sustaining Trust and Team
  4. Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback


  1. Managing Style Differences
  2. Navigating Change and Ambiguity

Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders

Key Objectives and Outcomes:

  • To help you, as a leader, critically reflect on your leadership style and ways to engage in the inevitable conflict challenges that you will face
  • To lay the foundation for you to better realize the positive potential that conflict holds
  • To provide you with tools and skills to establish positive relationships with your team and effectively navigate the conflicts that will inevitably emerge

What is Included

Each course consists of 3 engaging video presentations that overviews a key concept or skill.

Each training video has an accompanying resource page with questions for personal reflection. Students are welcome to download and print these to compile into a resource manual.

Each course is capped off with a “Call to Action” video that challenges students to immediately apply and practice these new concepts and skills.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders

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"Several years ago, I was involved in a difficult but helpful mediation process t hat was led by Facilitated Solutions. This was an amazing refresher on the ideas and skills I learned through that process. Great insights in a nice tight package! Thanks so much for this resource. I’m looking forward to taking more of these sessions!"

-Julie, Manager Crown Corporation

"There is always new learning for me in these sessions!"

-Indi Ramkissoon, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Richardson International